Saturday, July 07, 2007

Water Park Again...

No pics this time because i didn't feel like messing with my camera yesterday. We went to the water park yesterday from 1-6:15. Daddy would be proud to see that Trey has perfected his diving board skills to doing flips off the diving board!! I was quite impressed :) He was off running with his cousins most of the day till towards the end when his eyes were "soggy"?? from the chlorine. Ethan got a little more comfortable with the water yesterday and even went down the little water slide by himself with me at the bottom to catch him over and over and i had to finally pull him away screaming. For the most part though i sat in the zero depth entry with him climbing around me like i was a jungle gym He napped on the lawn chair for almost 1 and half hrs in the shade so that was nice. Avery entertained herself well by the smaller slide and pool area again most of the day. It was another fun-filled day for the kids!

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