Thursday, July 05, 2007

July 4th

Yesterday i went out to the new Gardner water park with my sister's and their kids. We had quite a crew! Trey had never jumped off a diving board before but after seeing all his cousins get up there and do it peer pressure set in and off the board he went! Avery was not quite tall enough to go on the water slides but liked this smaller white one and the lazy river. Ethan and i hung out in the little kiddie play area and he never wandered far from my side, he was a little unsure of the water. My sister's and i were wanting Mexican so Uncle Damon kept all the kids (except i took Ethan) and fed them pizza at the house while us girls went out to eat. Thanks Damon! We headed over to Julie's then to let the kids play outside and watch the fireworks display. Aunt Julie had a table full of snacks that dissappeared very fast. The kids were all beat when we got home and are still sleeping!

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Val said...

what a fun day! I'm glad you have lots of family to keep the kids entertained. Ok, Michelle and I are jealous that your kids are still sleeping. Ours keep waking up at 5:30!