Friday, July 27, 2007

Under Construction...

Well, not actually construction but a lot of change. Today my mom came into town bringing another crib and twin bed that we are borrowing. Thanks SO much Greg & Susan for letting us borrow the beds!! Yes, we decided to keep Ethan in his crib for the time being so we will have two cribs in the house! The other day i spent all day going over in my mind and surfing the net, trying to figure out what decor i was going to go with in the girls room, and then today we started the day out early on the hunt for what i had planned. The main color for their room is chocolate brown, with off white, and accented with some sage green. I am in the process this evening of painting what used to be the boys blue dresser, brown. We had to switch dressers because the girls furniture is white now and the boys is the natural color, so at the moment we have all of Avery's clothes on her floor. I spent a couple of hours tonight and got the boys room all put back together. It is still staying the same, just a different bed and dresser. By the end of the weekend i should hopefully have it all put together and ready to bring another little munchkin into this crowded little house of ours:) I will take some pics once i have everything finished. My mom also came with some gifts, which was a nice surprise!! Thank you very much, Mom! A huge pack of diapers, of which i had bought none yet, and lot's of cute clothes, burp cloths, socks ect.. all of which i needed because i haven't prepared very well this time, and a BUMBO seat, which i was excited about because i had wanted to get one this time. We tried it out with Brooklyn tonight, she's almost 3 months and she seemed to like it. She looked so cute sitting up in it. I'm sure i will be up in the middle of the night putting everything in Avery's dresser when the paint dries. I need stuff to do at 3 in the morning anyway, because there is nothing but infomercials on at that hr.

Last night i finally took a unisom after 2 hrs of trying to fall asleep, and then of all nights Ethan decided to wake up at 1 am. The sleeping pill had completely wiped me out and so i just brought him out and laid him on the living room floor beside the couch where i was sleeping and luckily he just went right back to sleep. I wasn't functioning very well so it was good he was cooperative!

My 37 week appt was this last Wed. Nothing newsy there, she will check me at my next appt on Wed. and then will know more what she feels comfortable with re: induction. She induced me a week early with Ethan, so we will see what happens.

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Paula said...

Just reading your blog is exhausting ((LOL)). Helping to paint the nursery wore me out. I can't believe Reagan is almost here. :)