Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daddy's Home!

watching for daddy's plane to arrive
Ethan clung to daddy for a couple of minutes
so happy to see daddy

Today had to be the LONGEST day ever. The kids knew that it was afternoon before we would head to the airport, and at 9:00 this morning they started asking about every 5 minutes if it was time yet. Ethan knew something was up and only napped for an hr and was very clingy and fussy. Johnny's flight was supposed to get in at 4;27 but was delayed about 45 min. so we had a nice long wait once we got to the airport as well. Finally daddy's plane arrived, Ethan yelled "daddy" as soon as he saw him, and Trey and Avery were extremely excited! We headed straight home and i went and picked us up some pizza and we spent the evening at home together. It feels very good to have our family back together again! Johnny is exausted and has the day off tommorow still so will be able to catch up on some sleep hopefully.


Jen said...

So glad to hear that Johnny made it home safely! I heard that he called Andy. I'll have to have Andy tell me all about the trip. I've never seen Johnny with his hair so short! :) It's cute to hear how excited the kids were to have their Daddy back home again!

Paula said...

Glad that everything went OK with the trip and that he is safe. I know the kids missed him when they were gone-I bet they don't want to let him out of their sight!!

Michelle said...

I'm glad Johnny made it home safe. We had fun shopping and seeing movies those last two days! We come home tomorrow...pray for us! :)

Val said...

Aw, the kids are sooo excited to have their Daddy home. That's fun! He was soooo excited to see you guys. I'm glad the trip went well for him. We did have a lot of fun with him-the guys on the trip and then all of us for a couple days. Maybe you and Trey can come next time, and Trey can rough it with his Dad and you can hit all the fun stuff with Michelle and I....=)