Monday, July 16, 2007


I had a sonogram today. Looks like Raegan is going to keep up with her siblings in the size dept. She is around 6.4 lbs. and measuring two weeks ahead. Everything looks good, she turned around to be head down so that made me happy that we didn't have to worry about that. I don't have another appt for another week. At my 35 week appt last week i had packed on another 4 lbs, bringing me up to the 30 lb mark. My goal is to keep it under 40 so we will see. The dr also gave me some sample rx med for the awful acid reflux i've been having, and i have not had ANY trouble since so that has been great! I am having a hard time sleeping, par for the course at this point in pregnancy, i feel like i can't breathe laying down so i end up sleeping in the recliner some. I worked at Chilis this weekend and decided that even though i was going to try to go till the end, to have them take me off the schedule after the last week in July. My hips feel like i am very old, and the braxton hicks contractions i have constantly just about did me in, but i survived the weekend. :) Now the goal is to just get through two more. In the last couple of weeks i may pick up a night or two just to try to send myself into labor. :)


Val said...

DO IT! Just think, no more reflux, no more B. Hicks, no more weight gain, etc. However, I guess then you have deal with sleep deprivation, achy boobs, and whatever healing needs you might have from delivering. hmmmmm....tough decision. I'm sure you're getting really excited about meeting Raegan! I know we are. =) I'm glad the ultrasound looked good. Take care!!!

Paula said...

Oh what I have to look forward to (((LOL)). I'm still somewhat comfy so we'll see what happens.