Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today Is The Day....

that daddy finally get's home!! He left for the Philippines on The 30th for his missions trip. I hadn't said anything specifically on my blog just for safety reasons if you know what i mean. Just never know. The kids are SO excited to see daddy, and i'm pretty excited myself. The first day he was traveling, the movie Castaway was on tv, Trey loves that movie so the kids watched it. That will really get an 8 yr olds mind working, and not the best idea when their daddy is flying over the ocean!! I wasn't thinking! The kids got to talk to daddy on Monday night and Ethan just giggled when he heard daddy's voice and hasn't stopped talking about daddy since. Trey has all kinds of "presents" gathered up for daddy and Avery made a very sweet welcome home card. Please pray for safety for the remainder of his trip.

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