Thursday, January 19, 2012

The party

I have been pretty slow getting blog posts on lately! When i start having a few of them pile up then i get a little quicker to get the oldest one on. It must be winter, yea i will blame it on that...i seem to be less motivated during the winter. Anyway....

On Trey's birthday he picked his favorite dinner at home and we had Grandpa and Grandma Seaba over to help celebrate his actual day.

Grandpa and Grandma
later that night he had his annual spankings and pinch to grow on...
pretty sure Ethan was excited about seeing his brother get spanked :)

Then on Friday night he had his party. We fed the boys at Pizza Street and then walked over and all the boys played laser tag

They had a blast! We (the girls) were able to watch from a viewing point and Avery decided that she wants to do the same thing for her birthday. The boys are all Star Wars fanatics so they all sacked out in the living room watching The Clone Wars.
Trey, Bradon, Dylan and Austin...cousin, second cousin and a good buddy who since he is a cousin to Trey's cousin (yes that was confusing to them when they were younger) i think they have just declared themselves cousins :)

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grammaneir said...

Looks like you had a fun time Trey. Trust God gives you a great year ahead - keep following Him.