Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New year's eve

For New Year's eve we got together with all of my siblings except for my oldest brother who was out of town and allowed us to all have our shin-dig at their house. We ate a LOT, played games, went for a run to finish up my miles that i was trying to for the year (nothing like saving it for the last minute)

the kids always come up out of the basement all dressed up in the endless supply of dress up clothes...

later in the evening they all settled down and watched a movie. i caught raegan all cuddled up with her cousin maggie~sweet~

raegan and brooklyn waiting to bring in the new year...

Happy New Year 2012! I caught Daddy giving Raegan a smoocher...yea, he gave me one too
and guess who once again just couldn't hold out for that ball to drop... he tries hard but when a boy needs his sleep it just wins over

I hope you new year is all that you hope for!

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Barbie said...

Happy New Year, Elisa! Looks like you had a great time ringing in 2012. God bless you & your family.