Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Since Christmas Day was on a Sunday this year and all but one family was in Hutchinson, all of the cousins sang "Away in the Manger" during the service at my Dad's church. They did a good job! I snapped a quick picture of the kids after the service because when they are with cousins, getting them all in one place is next to impossible! They each have their little age group of cousins that they run off with.
one of the kids tables for Christmas lunch
Daddy and Raegan

the cousins ready for presents!

Ethan and his super hero cape

I went out at the beginning of the weekend and bought a 1,000 piece puzzle. It sounded like a nice relaxing thing to work on over the weekend. It was! We put it in a room in the back part of the house that my Grandma lives in and i think just about everyone took their turn working on it! It was a lengthy task of putting it together...i learned that my husband and my brother John are real puzzle enthusiasts, something i did not know! :)

my brother and husband were doing the honors of finishing it up with some help from others...i think they each had at least 3 of the final pieces hidden in their pockets to be the last piece but in the end they saved the last piece for me to put in...

We had a great Christmas. Loved the mild weather and got to go on some runs with my sister and my brother in law.

We came home early in the week and then celebrated with the Seaba side of the family on that following Friday. I forgot my camera which really irked me but i do have some pictures that John took with his phone...so once we figure out how to get them uploaded (we were having some technical difficulty, something that is not too uncommon in our house :))i will have to post a few of those.

Can't believe Christmas and New Years has come and gone...this year is flying!

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