Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ladybug is 11

11 years ago, January 24, 2001 Avery Michelle was born weighing in at 9lb 2 oz.
She had a bunch of hair which made her look older than she was. And then the little booger took off walking at 8 months. Now seeing her personality it doesn't surprise me....she knows what she wants and she goes for it!

early on her daddy started calling her lady bug and it has stuck. He bought her a little lady bug necklace last year and she loved it!

She has always been pretty feisty and strong willed...still is! She may look like me but she has her daddy's personality and is quite the daddy's girl!

She does well in school and is very self motivated. I rarely have to get on her to get stuff done. She gets right on her homework and most of the time get's everything taken care of.

She is going to be going off to middle school next year which while looking at these pictures makes me sad...

She is loving taking gymnastics and can flip around all over the place

She has a warm heart and is learning this year how to manage friendships...fifth grade can be challenging with friends and it has been but it has been a work in progress and for the time being it seems her little group of close friends is getting along nicely. I am proud of her and some of the things she has done to help situations.

She is getting very tall, catching me quickly! It seems like not long ago she was just barely tall enough to ride the Patriot for the first time...

She is very particular and keeps her room as clean as she can with little tornado living in the same space. She can't wait to get her first pair of high heels and thinks her mom should wear them way more than i do!

Her new favorite past time is texting her friends on my phone...lol, gtg, brb, k ...you know regular 5th grade conversations :)

Avery you are becoming quite the beautiful young lady and we are so very proud of you and all your hard work in school and all that you do. Happy Birthday! We love you!


Barbie said...

Happy Birthday, Avery! You are a very sweet & special young lady :)

Katie said...

Holy Cow, she could pass for Reagan in that beach pic. I had no idea. Happy Birthday!

A Full House said...

Happy birthday Avery! I'm so glad you are my cousin.


grammaneir said...

Love the blog Elisa & Happy Birthday again Avery. You are becoming a pretty young lady. We love you sweetie!

June Duehring said...

Happy Birthday, Avery! That picture on the motorcycle looks like Raegan for sure!