Friday, January 06, 2012

7th grade strings

I do have a borrowed camera now thanks to my mom so i will be snapping pictures again soon but in the mean time i thought i would post this picture of my handsome 7th grader. He has been playing the viola since 5th grade and has said that he wants to move on next year so that he can take more electives (strings is all year so it would allow him to take another two electives) That is yet to be determined (if he will be quitting) but he has enjoyed his several years in strings and now his younger sister is trying to talk him in to continuing so that they can play together one of these days.

He is playing on a basketball league with some friends of his. They have their first game tomorrow.

He is taking a class called stage craft this semester and thinks he is really going to enjoy it (making props, stage lighting, ect.)

He loves to write! He will sit down and write 15 pages of a story at a time, he says he just get's "in the mood to write".

His art teacher from this last semester said he is very artistic. He really enjoyed art. That has all been passed on from Daddy because i don't have an artistic bone in my body!

He is counting the days down till next Thursday when he becomes...gasp....a teenager!

He is helping his dad with one of his side jobs right now and his dad is paying him so he is pretty happy about that...he is always looking for ways to earn money!

A photographer came to school and photographed the strings players and then they had some for sale at his concert. I was away and unable to go but his Dad picked this one up and i loved it...

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