Monday, December 06, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

We went to visit Santa at Bass Pro tonight. They do free photos so i went knowing i would be waiting in line for awhile. We waited about 45 minutes which wasn't bad at all and the kids kept busy with all kinds of activities while we waited. Raegan stayed right by my side, very anxious to catch a glimpse of Santa. She was soo excited! We would have even gotten through the line faster but had a last minute run to the potty break with Raegan. I could just imagine the horror if she peed her pants while on santa's lap!

I watched families get up their with their little ones after waiting in line only to have the little one's screaming and wouldn't touch santa let alone sit on his lap...thinking to myself "i'm glad i'm beyond that stage!

mommy snapped some pictures while they were getting their picture taken

raegan telling santa (despite her telling me she was going to ask for a baby doll) that she also wanted a gun like her big brothers! i heard santa say "oh you do?, chuckle"

avery telling santa that she wanted an American girl doll

this is for Trey. outside of the store there was a bunch of bushes with a little opening in the middle. the kids thought it looked just like it could be right out of Chronicles of Narnia. raegan was unimpressed

a failed attempt at catching everyone smiling. raegan is holding her chewed up and spit out candy cane in the paper towel. some things just are not worth the fight! "sure you can take that home honey"

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A Family of Love said...

We will be that family with the screaming toddler! Great memories!