Monday, December 13, 2010

Girls weekend

I just spent the past weekend with four pretty special girls! I didn't even have to leave town but i felt like i was out of town. My three sisters, my mom and i had some quality girls time away at a hotel for the weekend.

We always start our weekend at Target loading up on snacks for the hotel room. We eat out, we shop, we eat out some more, we shop some more, we go to the movies, hang out at the hotel and eat some more...

My mom was the only good one of the bunch who actually got on the treadmill at the hotel and ran during our weekend!

trying out the self timer at the hotel

we always have to make a visit here during our weekend and ingest a whole lotta salad

our hotel that i obviously did not take a picture of this weekend since the grass is green and it's sunshiny instead of blowing snow around!

Another of our favorites!Oh and we also saw a fun chic flic. It was a very relaxing weekend! Always nice to sleep in, meander down to the hotel lobby for a hot breakfast that you don't have to cook OR clean up, pay no attention to time, stay up late talking or racing to see who can get swagbucks first...yeah we are nerds like that!

Love you guys and thanks for the fun weekend! Can't wait till next time!

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A Family of Love said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Olive Garden is my fav place to eat. Love the salad and breadsticks!!!