Thursday, December 23, 2010


The kids played the "smell the food" game the other day. Thankfully they didn't play the "taste the food" game that i played growing up. They asked if i would play that with them and make them taste things and guess...hmm, one can have fun with that. We didn't get around to playing it the other day but maybe another day. They might not like my idea of the game though... my poor brother John, my memory of the game growing up was when Susan and i gave him yeast to try (a good amount of it i think) and he threw up! That might have been the last time we played that game!

The other game i remember playing was the "don't spit your water" game! We had two kitchens in our house one in the addition at the back of our house and one at the front of the house. We would start at two different sinks with a mouth full of water and run back and forth passing each other and of course we would start laughing and spray the water everywhere. This of course was played when my parents were gone. I can't remember if they ever noticed the carpet being all wet when they got home!?? We cleaned up pretty good though...

Kids when you read this don't even think about playing this game! mommy will know! :)


June said...

I remember both games. They did catch up once that I remember on the water game. I don't think they were too upset. I can totally see my kids play that game. :)They probably do while I sleep.

Val said...

All those games are so fun!!! They make me laugh just thinking about it. =) I love that your kids are having lots of fun together!!