Wednesday, December 01, 2010


After church on Sunday we ordered some pizza and got to decorating. This just might be the year that i make an after Christmas purchase of a new tree, a new pre-lit tree!! Although, this is the first year in awhile that all of the lights worked and i didn't have to make a rush trip to the store to buy new strands of lights.

Avery's job is always to arrange the nativity set

everyone fought over the santa hat! i need to purchase 3 more santa hats! mainly so we have peace while we decorate!

raegan strikes a pose just about every time a camera is pointed in her direction. she is a nut! ethan was ticked off about something...more than likely the santa hat!

raegan didn't fight over the santa hat, she had her "own santa hat"

avery decorated while wearing the tree skirt

trey thought there should be another visitor to see baby Jesus
i finally put the ship away yesterday but there is still a clone trooper peering over baby Jesus

raegan spent five minutes blowing the trumpet trying to get it to work

the kids did pretty good this year. i only had to do a little rearranging. it is fun watching the kids find all their old ornaments, especially their "babies first christmas" ones.

Ethan was very unhappy that we did not have a star for the top of the tree, so yesterday when we went grocery shopping we stopped over by the christmas section. He immediately found a star and pleaded for me to buy it for the tree. Our tree now has a star and Ethan is a happy boy!

As for the outdoor light...they got put up on Sunday as well but for some reason are not working once up...another job for daddy, the kids are on him about it!


A Family of Love said...

Beautiful tree! My 2 year old helped decorate so we have quite a few lower ornaments but we had lots of fun! We bought a new LED pre-lit tree on Black Friday for half off and it's a good thing that they are LED because we have to have it on all the time (said 2 year old gets mad when we shut it off).

Val said...

Looks great!!! I love Avery's "poncho!" =) My first thought was, "Oh, she must be dying of heat stroke under there!" But then I remembered that not everyone has 80-degree Christmases.

sassy mia said...

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