Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to the candlelight Christmas eve service at church. Raegan had felt kind of yucky the previous couple of days but had seemed fine that day. No fever, nothing. We were near the front of the church towards the beginning of the service and she suddenly grabbed her mouth and belched and then followed with hurling all over. I grabbed her coat to catch what i could and grabbed her and exited as quickly as i possibly could really hoping she didn't have another hurling episode while i was walking down the aisle! Right as i got out of the auditorium she said "oh man, that was not awesome!"

The kids were really excited to open their one gift that they get to open on Christmas Eve. I also let them open their gift from great Grandma since i knew it was pjs.

On to making some yummy chocolate chip cookies for Santa...

the kids had been waiting to tear into the gingerbread house. i don't think they were very impressed. i had to take the knife away from avery before she chopped someone's finger off!

We let the kids sleep out by the christmas tree and watch a movie. Avery wasn't feeling very well so ended up in her bed. Raegan would not stay laying down so ended up being made to sleep in her bed. Ethan wanted only to sleep right by the cookies so that he was right in the path of Santa and got a little upset when Daddy locked the door cause he was worried about how Santa would get in!

Santa managed to do just fine despite no chimney and locked door and Ethan was super excited that Santa wrote a note back to him!

Raegan was obviously not feeling well still and decided to relive her babyhood with mommy christmas eve night. She was up almost all night long crying and wanting to be held. It was a looong night and Christmas morning came a little early with all the kids running in at 7am!!


Little Wifey said...

Poor Raegan! I hope she is feeling better! Merry Christmas, Elisa :)

Val said...

"...not awesome!" I love it. That girl is funny! =) I love the idea of sleeping out by the tree. We might have to adopt that practice. Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is happy and healthy after all the christmas excitement!