Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My happy place

I love to run. It is like my happy pill. Yes, i have much to make me happy in my life besides running as well, but running is a big part of my life. My husband has told me during different times in my life "you need to get back to running" because when i am not i am grumpier, he knows it makes me happy.

While having my kids my running has been very sporadic but now that our youngest is three and i am out of the season of life of being pregnant, trying to get pregnant, having sleepless nights and such i have been able to stay with it consistently for a long period of time. That makes me happy!

I have had a fun spring and summer of doing races and i'm a little depressed of thinking of winter and the thought of running on a treadmill, ok a lot depressed about that thought!

I have been training for the KC half marathon over the last couple of months. It is this Saturday. I am nervous for the very reason that i am wanting very badly to beat my 2 hr time goal! If you read my blog, you may know that this past spring and summer i have completed two halfs...first one i got 2 hrs and 2 minutes and the second one 2 hrs and 1 min. so that explains why i want to beat it so bad! But if i don't get it this weekend you will be i will be trying again...till i get it!

Here have been my friends of training over the summer...

running shoes, well of course...

I don't always listen to music while i run, sometimes i just like to think...but on some of these longs runs by myself my ipod is my best friend. And yes i wear these big ear phones because i apparantly have the smallest ears in America and can't get ear phones to stay in my ears. My husband laughs at his nerdy wife in my big ol ears phones! edited to add-- i don't think my ear phones are quite this big but you get the drift...
peanut butter has really been my best friend since this summer when i started having some trouble with my blood sugar while running (this is one thing that makes me nervous for saturday!) I started taking about five spoonfuls of pb before i head out the door and have not been having near as much trouble (crossing fingers)!!

I borrowed my sister's water belt which was a life saver on my long runs this summer!

I only have one maybe two 3 mile runs to do this week and to be honest i am relieved that the training is done...i am ready to be done with long runs for a little while. Till spring anyway!


June said...

You will totally get your 2 hour time. The weather will be so much nicer than your other races. I wish I could be there at the finish line to cheer you in. I will still be running. :)

Val said...

I'm so excited for you! You will do great and I'm sure you will come in under 2. I'll be praying for you!!