Thursday, October 07, 2010

Chop chop

Raegan's hair has been driving us crazy! It would get so knotty, always in her face and had been chopped in one spot by Ethan. It was time for a change! She was excited, we didn't wake up with plans to get it cut today but i had to run some errands anyway so i said "you want to go get your haircut?" She did until she hopped up into the chair and i started talking to the hairdresser about what i wanted and she freaked...tried slithering out of the chair and was adament that she DID NOT want to get it cut any longer! After taking her back to the lobby and doing as much bribing as i could think of the hairdresser brought out some stickers and that was all it took. She marched right back to the chair and sat like a little statue with her stickers.

the before picture

the after

little miss serious!

stickers save the day!


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Michelle said...

So cute! Are you loving not having the long hair to take care of? I'm sure we'll want to chop Kylah's hair off after it finally gets long, but for now we have to let it grow like you did!