Monday, October 11, 2010


Ethan is five today! Ethan is my little cuddler. He loves to give hugs and kisses and will just come up and casually kiss my hand. He get's embarrassed very easily doesn't like people to laugh even if they are laughing cause he is funny. He loves to play games on the computer loves story time at the library. He still naps 2-3 hrs everyday for me during the school year and gets very grumpy without his nap! He has been very hesitant to want to turn five because he knows along with the age of five comes shots but he is finally to the point where he doesn't cry about it when brought up (by siblings of course). He wakes up almost every night and asks trey to put socks on his feet and his super sweet big bro always obliges without complaint. He likes to sleep in trey's bed with him (usually a couple of times a week) He melts my heart every time he prays, he says the sweetest prayers! The boy can never find his shoes...there is always one missing! He is still a picky eater but doing so much better than he used to! He can make sound effects with the best of them. He is very soft hearted, very sensitive. He drives his brother nuts because he won't clean when they are told to clean their room, as his brother would say "he jacks around while i do all the work"

He is a sweetheart, he is our little miracle, he was an answer to many, many prayers. We can't imagine our family without him! We love you Ethan and hope your fifth birthday is very special! Now will you please stop growing up so fast! Thank you, Mommy!


Michelle said...

I can't believe he is five already!! He sounds like such a sweetie.

Val said...

How can he already be five???!!! I remember holding him in sunday school when he was just a newborn and we were home visiting for a month.
I love your descriptions of him! He sounds like such a fun little guy to have around. =)