Thursday, October 21, 2010

KC kids marathon

Last year the kids signed up and did their first 25 miles of the kids marathon and then all came down with the H1N1 right in time for the final 1.2 miles they run on race day so none of them got to run. We thought we would give it a go again this year and they had so much fun i think this will be a yearly tradition for us...Raegan might even get to run next year! It is so awesome watching kids just pour everything they have into running this race!

getting the numbers all pinned on

ethan getting all ready to run

avery hanging out with her cousins waiting to run

the groups of kids...LOTS of kids!!

and they are off...daddy ran with avery and ethan

oops out of order but cousins, caleb, trey and brendon waiting to run

trey got 5th place!! awesome job trey!! (and that was after running in his cross country meet earlier in the morning)

ethan, daddy and avery

ethan let go of daddy's hand and took off for the finish...atta boy ethan! :)

my little runners!

all the cousins that ran, such a fun time for the kids!

avery was worried because she had left her inhaler in her back pack but she did awesome and didn't even need it!

I'm so proud of you Trey, Ethan and Avery! And you too Raegan because you sat in that stroller like a trooper all day!

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