Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lil family get together

My parents were up for the weekend celebrating their 43rd anniversary. (Congrats to my Mom and Dad!) We went to Olive Garden for lunch on Sunday. We had a huge table of cousins next to the table of adults! Her are a few of the "younger" girls...

Molly, Raegan, Meredith and Ella

Grandpa and Grandma were great sports in the heat and even played volleyball with the bigger kids...it was pretty hot to be in dress clothes playing volleyball...i'm sure they would agree with me :)

what's a day at the park without a sticky red frosting cupcake??

We have spent the last two days at the pool so the kids are nice and sunkissed (burned, more like). Me and the kids may venture out to Worlds of Fun this week on our own and see how that goes.

I have felt extremely lazy this past two weeks as i wind down my training for Hospital Hill this Saturday. It is supposed to be 93 degrees (obviously not when we start) so it should be a hot sticky run. Woohoo! I don't think this is going to be a run to try to pr on. I would love to do 2 hrs but i'm not holding my breath for that this time around...maybe in October at the KC!

Hope you are having a great week!


grammaneir said...
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grammaneir said...

We had such a fun time. Yes, it was hot but I had my sleeves and my slacks rolled up before I was done. Every part of our weekend made the celebration of 43 years special.