Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pool fun

We have been spending a lot of our summer already at the pool. By the way, the summer is already flying by way too fast! Raegan has changed her way from being the "pool flip-flop thief" and has decided she likes being in the water this year. (thank God!!) She will go down one of the little slides all by herself but has not braved the big (kiddie) one yet.

Ethan loves the diving board so we spend part of each day letting him practice his dives! He switches back and forth from doing his dive (which usually end up being a full body splat) and his cannon ball. One day last week he had all the teen guys cheering him on and letting him cut in line (i think it was so they could watch and crack up) so he was feeling like big stuff! I have a video that i'm trying to figure out how to post ( i used to be able to post videos and now suddenly it won't work for me)

I took Raegan to the allergist today to get her skin looked at. She has had two patches that have really been bothering her and the last time we went to the pool, she would just scream anytime she got in the water. Hopefully orapred will clear it right up! The pool is usually great for the girls' skin but i just couldn't seem to get those patches under control. She has been waking up at night itching too so hopefully that will get better (fingers crossed)!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


Val said...

Seriously, the pool is such a blessing! That diving board looks like so much fun.

PS: We'll furlough again in 2012 - I'm SO up for doing a half with you! =)

Michelle said...

So fun!