Friday, June 25, 2010

It's interview time

I like to do these occasionally so that the kids can look back and see how they answered.
The kids ages for this interview: Trey-11, Avery-9, Ethan-4 and Raegan 2 (almost 3, makes a big difference at this age)

Question 1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Trey- "uumm, i don't know"
Avery- "uumm, a policewoman"
Ethan- "i want to be a firefighter"
Raegan- "barbie"

Question 2. What is your favorite toy?

Trey- "Ben 10 toys"
Avery- "Webkinz"
Ethan- "batman"
Raegan- "Barbie"

Question 3. Who is one of your best friends?

Trey- "Drake"
Avery- "Mikayla"
Ethan- "everyone in the Seaba family"
Raegan- "Ethan"

Question 4. What is something you are very excited about?

Trey- "middle school"
Avery- "going to Oceans of Fun tomorrow"
Ethan- "when i go to school"
Raegan- "birthday"

Question 5. What is something that scares you?

Trey- "wolf spiders"
Avery- "thunder and lightning"
Ethan- "freaky things, ghosts"
Raegan- "monsters"

Question 6. What is your favorite song?

Trey- "From the inside out"
Avery- "You belong with me"
Ethan- "the one that is playing right now"
Raegan- "uumm, the Dora song"


Sommer's said...

I love that idea! I may have to copy you. Have fun at World's of Fun tomorrow. ;-)

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

That is an awesome idea! How fun for the kids and you to look back and see how they have changed. Have fun at Worlds of Fun!

grammaneir said...

Cute Elisa, I love when you do these. Except Ethan - what about the Neir family?