Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anybody need a bandaid?

Hopefully least until i have a chance to get some more...


Not sure where this came from, but Ethan has been on a "i have three words for you" kick...

"mommy, i have three words for you: fan-tas-tic"

"mommy, i have three words for you: you are cute"

"mommy, i have three words for you: you are pretty"

Ethan, you can just keep on with your little three word combos!

I went to the track last night to train a little for a 1 mile i was cooling down, Ethan ran around the track with me. Daddy was saying "cmon Ethan, you can beat mommy" to which he replied "no, i'm going to stay with mommy, cause i love her" the boy just continually melts this momma's heart daily!


We are missing Trey, he was at camp last week and we decided to let him stay down in Hutchinson with his cousins for an extra week. His little brother is ready for him to come home!
We miss you and love you Trey, and can't wait to see you!


Val said...

Ethan's three word combos crack me up! It makes him sound like a little car salesman. =)

Barbie said...

He is such a treasure! I LOVE his little quotes. He seems like a loveable little guy. I hope he never out-grows that :)