Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My sweet pea

Oh my sweet little Raegan, you wear your momma out! You are 2 yrs and 10 months. You plus silence equals disaster! Today you managed to dump mommy's whole box of Snow Caps and if you have ever had Snow Caps, you know what a mess that makes! A little while later you came walking up to me with lipstick smeared all over your entire face saying you looked pretty. Mommy's lipstick was basically still intact though so all was ok. I didn't photograph any of your "little disasters" today though!

You have conquered the four- point harness in your car seat. Help us all, because now you must do it yourself and if mommy is in a hurry...well we just won't talk about sometimes is not so pretty!

I love the two words that you mispronounce that i have heard a lot over the past few days

*lem-o-lade (lemonade)
*globbles (swimming goggles)

Today, i decided you needed a nap (in a bad way) After having to discipline you several times for getting out of bed and me putting you back in bed you were crying and said "but i'm not fighting mommy"! I realized that you thought you were in bed for a time out (we have had quite a few of those for all 4 kids lately). Once i talked to you and told you why you were in bed and that it would make you feel all better, you went right to sleep and napped for 3 hours! Hurrah!!

You make me smile so many times a day...and yeah, you make me want to pull my hair out many times a day too...but i love you and this is all part of growing up. I will miss this stage, though some days when i am cramming you into your car seat and you are kicking and screaming cause "you want to do it", i am cleaning up a marker, lipstick or sharpie mess for the umpteenth time, i have told you for the 5th time to come here so i can do your hair, and there you go running, or you fill the sink with water and put the whole families' toothbrushes in to soak, someone might have a hard time convincing me that i will miss it...but then you give me a big 'ol hug and kiss and say "i love you and suddenly i forget it all and know just how much i will miss this age!

Love you baby!


Val said...

Awwww...that's sweet. She is a doll. Bella misprounced those same words almost the same way! She said, "Lemolade" and "Gobbles." It's so cute! I didn't want her to learn the correct way. =)

The Lanker Family said...

She IS a sweetheart! Elisa it is fun to read your blogs!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie and I'm sure you will miss these days. Thanks for sharing them.

The Lanker Family said...

She IS a sweetheart! Elisa it is fun to read your blogs!

Michelle said...

She is adorable!
Kylah is a little independant one as well. Her first 3-word sentence was "I do it." And she's never stopped since!
I do love reading your stories about little Raegan! :)

Journaling My Journey said...

She will enjoy reading these when she has a daughter and I'm sure you will smile when she gets frustrated. I appreciate you sharing your inner thoughts. Bless you,Lisa.

Barbie said...

What a great post! I love it!