Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Smiles...

We are getting more and more smiles from our little sweetie, and she occasionally tries to "talk" to us. I got to sleep all night last night as daddy was on baby duty, so that was really nice. She is really congested right now, i think she's fighting a little cold. I am too so i probably gave it to her.

I start back at Chilis tonight. It's probably going to seem like a breeze without my big belly! I started back at the doctors office a couple of weeks ago so we are slowly getting back to our normal routine of things. A big HUGE thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law for taking care of cleaning the church for us these past weeks!! We appreciate it SO much!! She has not let me start back yet, until 6 weeks so that has been nice. We will be starting that again real soon.

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Chris & Roxy said...

She is growing up too fast!!! She looks like she has grown so much since I've seen her. Why do they grow up so fast?
Good luck going back to work. Have fun.