Friday, September 14, 2007

Insect Project

This picture didn't turn out very well, but it's the only one i have. Trey has been studying insects in science at school. They had a project to do collecting different kinds. He and Daddy worked on the display. He was very worried about getting it to school safely because one boy's insects fell off on the way to class the other day, and Trey said the bugs got trampled, he said "it was so sad mommy". Daddy hot glued the bugs on, and he got his board safely to class which i worried about all day yesterday. He is very into bugs right now. He has a caterpillar, moth, and some other bug in a case in his room right now. He found a hurt bird last night and made a little home for it outside. First thing this morning he was out to check on it and i assume a cat had gotten it, he came in in tears saying it was all torn apart. So needless to say our day didn't start off to well this morning. He was better by the time we left for school though.


Paula said...

I am not a bug person but Trey did a good job on his board!

Jen said...

Lucky daddy getting to hot glue the bugs on. Sounds like quite the exciting evening--Eewwwww!!! It is so cute though how empathetic Trey is. :)