Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Very Own Energizer Bunny...

That would be Ethan! Wow he is sure keeping mommy busy, or i guess i should say Raegan is keeping mommy busy so that mommy cannot keep up with the messes that Ethan creates. These are just a few things he has kept me busy with today:
1. Flinging the washcloth around the bathroom while in the bathtub, throwing water everywhere.
2. While trying to help me give Raegan a bath, sticking the washcloth in the container of water and then mopping the carpet.
3. Dragging anything and everything and throwing it all over the living room while i sit down to feed Raegan. (i thought about taking a pic for you Jen, but i just didn't have the time, but rest assured, it was a mess! :)
4. When i decided to spot clean the carpet, he decided it was a good time for mommy to give horsy rides.
5. Continually turning off the breastpump while i am in the middle of pumping!! Or wanting to "help" mommy :)
6. Sticking the binky in Raegan's mouth when she is sound asleep, and getting mad at mommy when i don't let him put it in her mouth when she is taking her bottle.
7. Making sure that anything musical or with a motor is running at all times during the day (swing, bouncy seat, ect.) As i sit here and type the swing is going full blast behind me with no baby in it.
8.Dumping the clean basket of laundry all over the living room.
9.Try to put the tike bike on mommy's lap while feeding Raegan.
I'm sure i missed a few but wanted to write down a few so that i remember what life with a newborn and a 23 month old was like someday. :) I've done this once before, but either i'm old now and could keep up a lot better then, or Trey was a lot more laid back as a two yr old, or i simply have just forgotten what it was like. (that is more than likely the case)


Paula said...

Boy Ethan sure is a bundle of energy!!! What are you going to do when Raegan is his age and you have another newborn?? ((LOL)) :)

Jen said...

That was GREAT!!! I can only imagine the chaos at your house having Ethan not quite understanding what's going on with this new addition. That was so funny to read! You'll love having that on paper in 10 years too!