Friday, September 14, 2007

This And That...

Ethan wants to take a "shower mommy". Trey and Avery shower at night and i told Trey to get in the shower tonight and i was sitting in the living room with Ethan's pajamas (he was supposed to be going potty and coming right back) but this is where i found him saying "shower mommy" so he took a shower with his brother.

When i came out from getting the shower started for the boys, this is how i found Raegan.

Avery's pick from the dollar spot at Target tonight was a pair of reading glasses. I told her she was going to end up needing glasses for real if she wore those very often. The one picture that i didn't get but wanted to was Ethan wearing the glasses and the headband. It was pretty cute.


Paula said...

Hopefully Avery doesn't affect her eyes. Abigail is ready to meet her buddy Raegan!

Jen said...

I tell you what, Ethan could not possibly be any cuter! He is such a little doll! And Avery looks a lot like her cousin Brittany (spelling?) Neir in that picture, don't you think. :)