Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Bath In Tub

the baby tub that is. Raegan's belly cord finally fell off, so today i gave her a bath in her bathtub. She loved it can't you tell? She didn't like her little sponge baths i have been giving her everyday either. She screams for the whole thing, but when it comes to washing her hair under the faucet, now that's another story. She calms down and LOVES that! Then screaming again while i smear her with baby lotion and then..."aww so much better when you put clothes on me mommy, now i'm relaxed. In fact so relaxed that i will throw up all over these clothes you just put on me. No worries mommy, i don't mind a little smell of puke." She seems to really like sleeping on her tummy. Reminds me of another little baby i knew... Avery boycotted sleeping unless she was put on her tummy. I finally with a lot of worry started putting her on her tummy at night and she started sleeping so much better. I'm starting to wonder if Raegan is going to be the same way. I was up with her with what felt like most of the night last night, and then she naps like a little angel for me during the day. :) But i put her on her tummy for her nap today and she went right to sleep. Too many more nights like last night and i may try that at night one of these times. :) The dr prescribed Reglan for me to try to help with my milk supply issue, and i have already had to stop taking it. I was so jittery last night i couldn't even function. I can't handle feeling like that and trying to deal with 4 kids. I have pretty much decided to stop pumping at this point and just nurse some, as much as she will. The pumping has just become so time consuming and stressful with a toddler to tend to too. And pretty depressing as well when you only get 10 to 15 ccs each time! :) I am very glad that i chose to go the route that i did this time with the pumping because it has helped me to know that with the other 3 kids the reason i probably didn't succeed in breastfeeding may very well have been because of this same issue. It eases my guilt a bit if nothing else. :)
It really frustrated me that i put this in paragraphs, and when i post it, it doesn't post that way. Oh well i'm leaving it as is... :)


Jen said...

Oh yes, it looks like she's really enjoying that bath! You know, we could probably make a fortune if we created a little baby tub sauna that had an enclosure that created a warm oven effect for them so they wouldn't freeze to death while we bathe them. Since it's usually on the kitchen counter where it's oh so cozy. Ha-ha!
I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with breastfeeding. I completely feel for you since I went through quite a time with both of mine too. Don't let it get you down though. You've given her a great start and it will be a lot easier on you to not have to pump. It made a world of difference in my patience and love of being a Mom when I put mine on formula. Don't feel guilty in the least. You'll get more time to rest and will be able to enjoy her a lot more. :)

Paula said...

I hope that I can be somewhat successful with breastfeeding. I'm nervous about how good of a supply I will have but I will just have to wait and see. I'm also nervous about buying a pump and having problems using it or not getting my money's worth out of it. Oh well...:)