Saturday, September 15, 2007

Game Time

Daddy is a big Nebraska football fan. When he went to the Philippines he brought back jerseys for all the boys and me, and cheerleading outfits for Avery and Raegan. They all get excited to get their football gear on, and Trey made sure everyone had a football. Raegan was sleeping and we didn't want to wake her to put her outfit on. Now towards the end of the game the kids are all in bed and the mood in the air is not quite so happy as Nebraska is losing. :)


Paula said...

I understand how the mood can change when your team is losing. Travis went home for a little while Saturday to watch the Hawkeye game but somehow he got the times mixed up and he missed it. They lost anyways of I said it was best he didn't watch it! :)

Michelle said...

I loved seeing Raegean on Sunday. (It may take me a while to spell her name right...sorry! :)