Thursday, December 01, 2011


We recently had a nice warm, though windy Saturday. Daddy was working so i decided it was a good day to spend some time at the park. Ethan and Trey both had recently spent their money on remote control cars and i had picked up some razor scooters at the thrift shop.

we walked, scooted and drove cars round and around the path till the kids were worn out.

a snaked slithered under my feet while we were walking...i still shudder just thinking about it. it was good entertainment for the kids!

the kids were then on a mission to find the snake again. trey did and chased it with his remote control car...crazy boy!

raegan scooted till her legs "were soo tired!"

It's not even full blown winter and i'm already missing the warmer temps! I am not a winter! But, it's it or not!

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