Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at home

I worked this past Thursday night. The kids had been begging to open one present before we left for Hutchinson on Friday. I kept putting them off saying, i have to talk to Daddy. We decided we were going to surprise them when i got home from work Thursday night and tell them that we were going to do our little family Christmas all before we left town including not one but all of the gifts. We ate a late dinner when i got home and then told them...they were super excited!

i made them endure a few pictures first
this is what Raegan had asked Santa for...

Santa did pretty good for Trey too! He had really wanted this Bear Gryll knife!
Avery had about 5 pages written in her new journal by the time we were done opening presents!

Ethan. loves. angry. birds!

and this is the aftermath...

And, in case you wondered how we managed to get Santa to come early to our house...well i have special connections. Didn't you know he does early drop offs for some people that leave town?? He also has access to front doors when certain homes do not have a chimney. Santa is a pretty flexible guy, thank goodness!


Val said...

What a fun surprise!

Barbie said...

How fun! Looks like Santa brought some nice things for your children. How sweet of him LOL :)

Katie said...

Holy cow. That aftermath picture is just plain scary. Too bad santa doesn't offer clean-up services as well.