Friday, December 16, 2011

School performances

The 5th grade strings performed during lunch Wednesday so we went to school and watched Avery play her violin. She is very happy that she switched from the flute and really enjoying learning how to play the violin.

On Tuesday the 4th and 5th grade special chorus group went on a little holiday choir tour. They sang at a nursing home, at a church and had lunch and played for awhile at Zonkers. They then went to Crown Center to perform.

Today is Christmas parties. I am home from the first and heading back to the second one in a bit. Then the kids are off school and i would like to say we can relax but i'm afraid next week is going to be hectic trying to finish up shopping. At least i get to silence the alarm for a few weeks! That always makes me happy especially since my kids are now of the age that they don't even wake me when they get up!

Trey tried out for the 7th grade basketball team but got cut along with a lot of his friends. They have got a team of his buddies put together that are all going to play basketball in a leauge together so tonight he starts practice for that.

Avery is still loving tumbling and is perfecting her back handspring. One of these days i will get a picture of her. She had her allergy followup and her asthma has responded very well to the meds and she is doing great! Someday i will look back and not remember how much you wear your mama out least i keep telling myself that!


Katie said...

I always wished I played the violin. I'm jealous that she is learning to play. Maybe someday she'll give me lessons.

Katie said...
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