Thursday, December 22, 2011

Partying it up at school

Last Friday was the kids last day of school for semester and also their day of parties. Ethan's was in the morning so i didn't have to go back and forth to parties. Kindergarten parties are so cute! We have a super creative mom in the class that does the cutest things at the parties!

they made little sleighs with snowmen driving them...somehow before the end of the party Ethan's was misplaced...if you have visited a kindergarten party this would come as no surprise!

In the afternoon we headed back to school to snap a few pictures at the 5th grade luau. They had pizza, hula hooped, cake walked and hung out in their grass skirts and summer attire

This first semester of school flew by! We are almost a week into enjoying their two and a half weeks off from school before they get back to studying!

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grammaneir said...

Looks like you had a great time celebrating before vacation. Enjoy your vacation - loved having you here for Christmas!