Thursday, December 15, 2011


Trey has informed me i am doing a poor job at keeping up the blog. No worries Trey, i am on it and from here till the end of the year i am sure i will have lot's of pictures. There has just been something to go to at school almost every single day...lot's going on this time of year as i'm sure you all well know!

We went to Crown Center the other day for Avery's choir performance and got there a little early so took the littles to Santa's little shop. Raegan freaked out a little and said. "maybe when i'm 5 mommy" (anout sitting on Santa's lap) but Ethan told Santa her name and she seemed to like the fact that he knew her name so then was happy to go sit with him. Ethan told Santa he wanted a remote control car and Raegan whispered to him that she "wanted what Brookly is getting" (her cousin that she bought a gift for and they are the same age so it is something that she loves)

the kids played for awhile and got all the wiggles out before the concert (ha, who am i kidding...pretty sure the wiggles never leave Raegan's body!)

here is the action shot of how most of my pictures turn out!

Up until last night i had only bough 1 or two Christmas gifts but John and i dropped the kids off at their Wednesday night church activities since we did not have Life group and made a stop off at Wally World and now i am well on my Christmas shopping way.

John also surprised me with a brand new laptop last night!! He has been bombarded with side jobs which we are so thankful for because they were few and far between for a couple of years. It easy for me to complain when he is gone evenings and weekends trying to get them done but i am thankful for the extra income! And, it doesn't hurt when he comes home with fun surprises like this! He just bid and got another huge one so he will be busy busy busy again for quite awhile!


Val said...

Yet for husband presents!!! Very nice Johnny! :) I love Raegans reaction to Santa. I bet he hears some great things from kids. :)

Val said...

Yeah, that should have been "yay!"

Barbie said...

Elisa, that picture of your family is SO nice! I love it!
Raegan is so cute with her words :)
I'm glad you got some of your Christmas shopping done. We'll be going to wally world to do ours tomorrow.
Merry Christmas!

Elisa Seaba said...

Thanks Barbie! Merry Christmas to you too!