Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hit it Taylor

It has been a busy past week. I just got back from Memphis on Monday. If you want to read about my marathon you can visit my running blog with the link over there------>

John was busy playing single Daddy. He did a great job along with the help of some friends and Grandma who helped with younger ones. The laundry was waiting for me when i got back though and kids saying "i need clean this or clean that!"

Raegan loves playing with barbies! We have a Taylor Swift one that has a button on her tummy that you push to make her sing. While she was playing yesterday i heard her say "hit it Taylor!" as she pushed the button. It made me smile!


Val said...

Ooh, we might have to see about the singing Taylor doll for christmas this year! My girls love her, (and so does Deacon....and Josh....:) I love listening in on the kids when they are playing with dolls! Such great imaginations.

Ok, I'm gonna go check out the ru Ning blog. Fun!

Paula said...

Abigail is really into Barbies right now too. :)