Thursday, October 27, 2011

The dishwashers

We do not have a dishwasher in our kitchen. I know gasp, what? seriously? When we gutted the kitchen after moving in 12 years ago we were on an extremely tight budget and at the time it just didn't seem that important. Do i wish i had one? Oh yes! I can't wait to someday just stick all the dishes in and make them disappear!

But in the mean kids are becoming quite the dishwashing crew! Trey and Avery can clean up a kitchen pretty fast. Avery is usually the washer because this is what happens when Trey washes...

I do not make them do them by themselves all the time. I will do my mom's old trick of "will you just each come dry 15 (strategically numbered to be pretty sure they are all going to be dried and put away). I had a flash back two nights ago when Avery was washing and i was clearing the table. As i kept throwing dishes into the water, she groaned and said "would you just stack them here?!?" I used to get so irritated when my mom would just keeping loading the sink faster than i could wash. I thought my mom would appreciate that. ;)

Raegan and Ethan haven't gotten in on too much of the kitchen action besides clearing their place at the table yet but their time is coming! Of course they may luck out and we may be in a place with a dishwasher by that time...if they are lucky.


grammaneir said...

Now you can see it from both sides Elisa. Sounds like you learned well. Good job kids!

Barbie said...

Great story! I enjoyed that. It brought back memories of my childhood, growing up in a big family and NO dishwasher. My mom would assign one of us to wash, one to dry and one to put the dishes away. Of course the one who got to wash was finished first :)
Good job in training your children to help you with the household chores!