Wednesday, October 19, 2011

KC kids marathon 2011

The kids participated in the KC kids marathon again this year. They run their first 25 miles before race day and then they run their final 1.2 miles on race day. There were lot's and lot's of kids ready to run!

Trey came in around 10th place. This was his second race of the morning since he had a cross country meet before they came down...

Avery ran with her cousins Maggie and Meryn! Great job girls!

Daddy ran with Ethan again this year

They all got their medals, decorated water bottles and got tons of snacks. A fun day for the kids! Next year Raegan will even get to run since she will be a kindergartner (she wanted to this year!) Good job kids, i was very proud of you for giving it your all!


Val said...

So cool! That's my kind of marathon! ( What's the age limit?? 32 hopefully?) :) way to go Seaba crew!

grammaneir said...

Yep, you all did a good job and it was lots of fun to be there watching you.