Friday, October 07, 2011

Red barn farm

Ethan went with his kindergarten class on his first field trip yesterday. They went to Weston Red Barn Farm. Ethan said it was a "long ways away!" I didn't go on the field trip but thankfully i have a good friend who did and she snapped some great photos of their day! So, all photos are courtesy of Tina Rutledge :)

Ethan was so excited to tell me all about his day. He thought it was pretty cool that he got to stay almost all day since he normally only goes to half day of school. AND, he got to take his lunch which he also thought was super cool...that newness will wear off real quick next year!

they each got to bring a small pumpkin home

Ethan and Will on the bus of buds!

I had debated on going but had decided to stay home this time around. I was glad that i had because i got a phone call (right as i got in the shower) from the school nurse. What she said brought mama bear up in me! "I have your daughter here in my office wheezing, they just got done doing the pacer (48 laps) in gym...i told her i don't have much sympathy for her since she forgot her inhaler" I responded with a short "i will be right there and it is not her fault that she doesn't have an inhaler on her that is my fault"

I was so livid that she would say that to me on the phone, really who says that to a mother when they have their child there with breathing issues! has been building this has not been the first time she has seemed put out that she has to deal with gasp a child going to the nurses office! Avery does have to frequent her office especially in the spring and Avery hates going to the office and i don't blame her. I did get a form yesterday that her allergist filled out for us that she can carry her inhaler herself and administer herself so that she doesn't even have to go to the nurse for that...thank goodness! Enough of my rant there...


Katie said...

That is terrible that the school nurse is so mean! School nurses are supposed to be replacement moms for little owies and such at school not to mention the big problems. I think that lady needs to find a new job. So glad Avery won't be going there much anymore. Jeez, you've got me all upset now. I hope you gave that lady a good talking to.

Val said...

Gosh, how disappointing that Avery and other kids have to deal with that nurse when they are already feeling so crummy! That's great that she can give herself the inhaler now! She can get immediate treatment, you can rest assured that she's happy and healthy and the nurse can get back to her soap operas :)