Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy 6th little man

Ethan turned 6 years old today. Seems like those six years flew by...

He was such a good little baby. Our other three kids were born with a lot of dark hair but our little toe head was born with a bunch of blonde hair...it kinda had a red tint to it when he was really little but has just gotten blonder over the years. This picture cracks me up...

He has always been such a happy, affectionate little guy with a big smile! We are so proud of you Ethan and hope you had a really fun birthday! We are so glad that you are part of our family and look forward to seeing what you become someday!

6 years old!

He celebrated tonight with his family and 3 of his best buds that went to T-Rex Cafe with us. I'm pretty sure they had a great time...at least the noise level in the van on the way home would have indicated that...i will post about that soon as soon as i upload the pictures.

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Barbie said...

Happy 6th Birthday, Ethan!