Tuesday, October 18, 2011

T-Rex birthday

For Ethan's birthday last week he got to pick 3 friends and we went to T-Rex for dinner. No need for entertainment , there was plenty there to keep them entertained! They brought out his cake complete with the dinosaurs from home that we had given a bath to so that they could sit on his cake...

I love this picture! Trey wanted to spend his own money to buy something for Ethan and Ethan was pretty excited...

the boys!

did you make your wish?? he assured me he did!

Grandpa and Grandma Seaba joined us for dinner as well

When we got home he finally got to open his birthday box from Grandma Neir. He was pretty excited that he got a pillow pet!!

6 years old! Wow, your such a big boy Ethan!


Barbie said...

Looks like he had a great birthday! I can't believe he's 6 already. Wow!
That was so kind of Trey to use his money to buy Ethan a gift.

Katie said...

That is so cool that Trey bought Ethan a gift. It does a person's heart good to see brothers like that. I'd say that's a credit to good parenting paying off.

Tina... said...

So fun! I hadn't seen these yet!! I know Will said he had a great time! I can't beleive they are 6!!! :)