Wednesday, November 02, 2011


We had our back patio area landscaped a few weeks ago. One of the guys that John coached when he coached high school basketball does this for his career, i don't know what that degree is called but i loved what he did. He came over while i was at work and went to work. He even rearranged our patio area...our love seat cushions need to be replaced desperately but are going to wait till next year so don't look at those. We also still have to build the porch ( i'm gonna have anything to do with that...ha) but for now our makeshift steps are working...

we are still minus the mulch but hopefully will get that taken care of soon...our plush new green grass is soo soft!

We have been doing lot's and lot's of watering! Everyone has gotten involved. It saves me some time and they love doing it! Occasionally (like yesterday) it ends with two individuals sitting on their beds cause they fight over which bushes or parts of the grass they get to water.

The heater does a great job unless it's too windy and then you can't feel it quite as much but it kept us pretty warm the other night when it was a little chillier

Cheta got into a fight (at least we assume) and got bit pretty bad. She was not doing so good last week and we were getting pretty worried about her. She would just lay around all day long which isn't like her...she was limping around really bad so we finally decided we needed to get her checked out. The vet said it was really infected, they got a lot of nasty stuff out of it and gave her an antibiotic injection that would stay in her for 3 weeks. It did the trick and she is healing nicely and back to her normal self! The vet said she may not have been able to heal that on her own, so we were glad that we took her in. I took this picture while she was still sick. She would just lay here all day.

Hope your having a good week!

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Barbie said...

Looks great, Elisa! Very inviting and cozy.
I'm glad your kitty is doing better. It's no fun seeing your pets suffer.