Friday, November 11, 2011


I love watching Ethan concentrate when doing his homework. We are finding out he is a bit of a perfectionist. His teacher said he get's upset if he can't do something on his paper just right and has gone and erased the entire paper and started over instead of just correcting the word that needs to be corrected. Most of his homework is just being read to but every now and then he has something to complete.

He is doing well in school. He is learning his sight words one by one and get's excited when he sees a word he can read! He is doing well writing all his letters and is pretty proud of saying his abc's with ease. At the beginning of the year he would get a little mixed up in the middle and at the end.

He loves kindergarten. He has a behavior sheet that he brings home everyday. They start with 5 cubes and get a cube taken away if need be. He has consistent 5's every day so am very proud of him for behaving himself. There was one day at the beginning of the year he got a four and one day in the past few weeks that he came home with a four and his perfectionist little self was not too happy about losing a cube!

He recently got to be a part of his school's lipdub. The high school came and filmed it. I was pretty impressed with how it turned out, it took a lot of organization on the part of teachers and staff. Love seeing the kids school spirit! Look for Ethan and two other cute kindergartners at the very beginning. To watch, just click on the title of this post.

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Val said...

I think it's amazing to watch kids learn to read! It's really interesting and exciting. Way to go Ethan!
Whenever I ask Mackenzie if she got in trouble that day, she always says, "no!" and proceeds to tell me everyone who did get in trouble and why. I love 2nd grade dish :)