Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another this and that post

* Raegan finally stopped puking after keeping not much of anything down for a couple of days! She is a trooper and mid vomit said "i guess i don't get any applesauce now!" (she had been begging for something to eat so we were going to try applesauce when we got home-we were on the way home from taking kids to school)

*She shared with daddy and mommy and we both were feeling pretty crummy for a couple of days. Thankfully we just got the aches and fever part of it and not the other!

*Avery had her annual hearing screen with the audiologist and everything remains the same again this year. Her left ear is compensating nicely for her right ear that has the significant loss. We are thankful that it remains unchanged. She still has a tube in her left ear because of build up of fluid, when that comes out we will have to see what happens.

*Trey has been working on basketball. He is going to go out for his middle school team. If he doesn't make it he is going to try to play with some friends on a league through the ymca...they have a backup plan.

*Avery had a follow-up with her allergist. They always say she is a bit deceiving, she looks like she is doing great on the outside but her lungs always tell a bit of a different story. We are back to doing peak flows and back on all asthma medicine for a month and then they will try to take her off one and see how she does. She also has been once again bumped to every three weeks allergy shots! Hooray! Hopefully we will be able to do that through the winter. Every spring we usually have to go right back to weekly but i will take every three weeks during the winter!

*John has been spending every last extra hour at a side job that he is helping a friend out with. We will all be glad when that project is completed!

*We have decided to wait to put our house on the market till at least spring for numerous reasons.

*I have been keeping busy with marathon training which will take place Dec 3rd.

*Ethan and Raegan rarely nap this year (i have been a nap nazi up till this year. They play so well together especially when they can head outside. When i do lay them down which is about once a week if that, they still sleep for several hours. With no naps and getting up early for school they are both pretty crabby by bedtime. Raegan fights it and stays up talking and doing pretty much anything to keep herself awake. Ethan on the other hand is asleep withing 5 minutes and if we leave him up too long will just go put himself to bed.

*Avery decided after a month that she no longer wants to play the flute. She has a terrible time getting any sound out and is just not enjoying it. She is in the process of switching to strings and is going to play the violen. Since she will probably be playing for the next several years at least we would like her to enjoy what she plays so letting her make this change.

*I did have to get a couple of pictures of her with her flute so that she could remember back when she played the flute for that month in fifth grade...


Val said...

Great update! I remember when I first got a sound out of the flute. Exciting day! I'm sure violin will be so fun!

I can't wait to hear about your marathon. :)

Katie said...

Oh, I hate those times when Jake is spending tons of time at side jobs. It stinks so bad. Hopefully it is coming to an end soon. And hopefully there will be a big check to make it all worth it.

grammaneir said...

Great update Elisa. I'm glad Raegan is better and hope the other children don't get it. Get back to running Elisa - glad you didn't get the puking stuff.

Barbie said...

I really enjoyed this post. It was great to hear how your family is doing!