Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Trick or treat

Little Red Riding Hood, two Lord of the Rings faceless guys and a fat little bumblebee set out to get some candy once upon a time...

we met at some of our friend's house for some dinner and then off we went. everyone loved the little bumblebee's stinger!

she would make us nervous when she would take off running down the driveways because i think she was a little off balance with that big tummy but at least she had a lot of padding when she did tumble

just like every other year the kids love to unload all their loot and this year since they were with friends there was some trading going on

the girls did their own trading away from the boys but it cracked me up how the girls had theirs all sorted so nicely and in neat little piles

And now thanks to those bags of candy i will put on an extra 5 pounds probably as i sneak in at night and raid their bags when they are asleep...that's right kids mommy admitted it. I steal your candy!

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Katie said...

Little Red Riding hood? That's a good idea. Original and so cute. I love it!