Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Four years old

Little miss turns four at a busy time of year with back to school..Ethan's kindergarten back to school night fell on her birthday so thankfully Raegan was ok with her party consisting of her siblings and her mommy and daddy. We won't get by with that for much longer! After the kids got out of school we headed to Chuckee Cheese 4:30 in the afternoon is a perfect time to visit that place let me tell you! I think there was maybe one other family there when we first got there.

daddy and his birthday girl

our big 4 year old!

the lady asked us if we wanted chuckee to come out and sing to the birthday girl...but of course!

the kids (and daddy) had a great time playing games

raegan is loving playing with barbies right now!

notice the lady in the previous picture...she was talking to raegan a little bit after she opened her present and suddenly we saw Raegan with a $20 in her hand...we tried saying "no no you don't need to do that" but she wasn't about to listen to us...a random act of kindness was so neat to witness (especially when my little girl was the recipient) :) She said Raegan reminded her of her little granddaughter.

Avery said she would like that lady to come to her birthday party, ha!

Happy birthday Raegan! We love you very much!


Katie said...

Wow! I would like that lady to come to my birthday party too! So cute to see her on that horse ride. That is the favorite ride among all the nieces.

Barbie said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Raegan! You are such a sweet, cute little girl :)

Elisa, your children are growing up soooo fast! WOW.