Friday, August 12, 2011

Camp Gramma goes to Colorado - part 3

this is the 23 cousins with Grandpa and Grandma...we were only missing one (the oldest) who stayed back to work

We went to Rocky Mt National Park and and to the Continental Divide. It was gorgeous and chilly!

me and my Aves


We signed up to do a "family adventure" basically games where you had to work together as a we had to all get to the other side of the rope and if one person touched it we all had to start took us a few times but we did pretty good

everybody in the hula hoop...i did get my leg in there and we made it!

"i never have ever" this game brought lots of laughter!


the kickball cheering section...

getting harnessed up to go zip lining!

this is what happened when Johnny did the "superman" this might have something to do with why i couldn't get myself to dive off the platform!

Trey jumping off


Grandma was the first to jump! Way to go Gramma!

I did go but didn't get any pictures....i stood there the last time with my hands ready to dive and couldnt do it! It's a long ways up there once you get up there! Avery wanted to do it really bad but it was 12 and up only. We all got to go twice and a few of us went a third time, it was a blast! I decided i will never, ever bungee jump!

That pretty much wraps it up. We crammed a lot into 5 days and lot's of great memories were made!

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Barbie said...

What a blast! Sounds like you had lots of fun. I just love the idea of "Camp Gramma". I enjoyed hearing all about it once again :)