Friday, August 05, 2011


We just got back from much cooler Colorado. It was wonderful and i actually enjoyed wearing a sweatshirt and jeans.

Our camera decided it wanted to bite the dust the second day we were there so i will have lot's of pictures to share eventually thanks to my sisters and mom and dad's camera that they all shared to get pictures of our family in the mountains. Thanks guys!

It was cloudy today and i decided that instead of hitting the pool we were going to hit the stores and finish up our school supply shopping. I had gotten a few things earlier that i knew were harder to find as it got closer to school starting but still had to get all the essentials. Three lists plus four kids that i had to remind that they were NOT to pull stuff off shelves and put them in front of mommy's face (one thing at a time kids!) or i might get testy...they did pretty good though i might have gotten a little testy a few times. We now have everything sorted labeled and in back packs. We are ready to go!

We also made a stop at my favorite clothing store because they had a sale going on. I love watching Avery shop. She in my opinion has such a cute little style that i love! I will pick out a shirt and she just gives me the look that screams seriously mom? All the kids found some good back to school clothes even though we stayed there waay to long in Trey's opinion!

I can't believe Avery is going to be in the fifth grade this year! She is anxiously awaiting the postcard early next week of who her teacher is going to be and if her bff and her get to be in the same class! She was modeling one of her back to school outfits for me...

Your growing up way too fast Aves! Fifth grade?! Really?!!


Barbie said...

She is so pretty! She looks so grown up in those pictures. You better get ready for all the boys wanting to date her LOL.

Katie said...

What a cutie!! Hope dad is ready for some BOYS to start hanging around. Eek. :~)

grammaneir said...

I love your outfits Avery - I know you are a good shopper and I know where you learned it:)