Friday, August 26, 2011


We just took the car seat out of the van! The van feels like it just grew a little bit! I really can't remember our vehicle with no car seats! It looks a little weird! I took her on her birthday to pick out a new booster seat but got it home and the kids told me "it doesn't have any cup holders" So i said, well that ones going back to the store...we can't function without a cup holder, we are on the go entirely too much! So yesterday i went and picked up her new one with cup holders. She is still having trouble buckling it by herself so right now it is harder than the car seat because she has been able to buckle herself into that for a year or more. She is practicing though and hopefully will get the hang of it soon!


Barbie said...

Who knew that cup holders would be so important!!! Looks great, and Raegan in it makes it look even better :)

Katie said...

A no-car-seat-mamma? What a big step! So proud of you ;~)